This was a great experience with a local group dive back in one of my early starting dives back in 2015..

Mariana, Angel, Sabino..and all the great people we get to meet across our Isla del Encanto in a sport many of us identify and live on-going therapeutic adventures! Oh the chills.

Ey! Sea Ventures, a light, unconventional deal for you in the case you’re interested, below. For those of you who’ll ultimately ask, yes indeed, this type of dive start at Puerto Del Rey, Fajardo in Puerto Rico. Excellent entertainment destination for early-to-rise scuba diving fans alike, enjoy…

And last, but not least…

cayo diablo puerto ricoNew divers, different diving groups, and cool adventures from one of the groups I am proud to be part off! Part of the crew that’s heading out tomorrow Sunday, Feb 19 to clean up local waters at Cayo Diablo, Puerto Rico to keep our island crystal clear. If not us, locals, who else!!

“No los veo hace tiempito, wepale!” Sort of like; “Haven’t seen you guys in a while, have FUN” haha!

Sea Ventures, just out of curiosity, how about a nice bartering agreement? Full promotion in this #1 ranked Yahoo site for not one, but two pages. Ranked #1 on Bing as of Feb/18/17 and since this happened faster than I thought, soon to be #1 at Google for “Cayo Diablo” keyword and other specific tourist diving keywords? Ey, “scuba diving puerto rico” and related keywords soon in another domain!

How about I promote you guys for free and a group of 3 people or more get some nice diving perks! Never thought of this, did the site for pure fun with quick, closely related content. Some quick traffic stats and search engine rankings can easily be seen below, updated, today Feb/18..

diving destinations in puerto rico




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diving in puerto rico


A network of scuba diving sites coming up for promo, just for added fun as always..feel free to counter the above barter. Just me fishing with something that’s extremely simple for me to do 🙂 So just saying, why pay when your store can get EVEN MORE free promotion/publicity from highly-warm, targeted tourist looking to dive at Puerto Rico from their own search engine search diligence ..right?! Publicity is publicity, and its FREE 🙂

Ey, Sea Venture, most importantly, my continued thanks for the multiple, awesomely-fantastic, orgasmic sea life eye experiences @ Cayo Diablo, Fajardo. Management and its team were fantastic!

P.S – “Scuba diving, “scuba diving Puerto Rico”, “where to scuba dive in Puerto Rico” Google keywords and free publicity from another aged authority domain name, be part of it early Sea Venture! Counter, ask, you name it 😉

As always, for more added fun..

Much Regards,