best snorkeling gear

What gift can you give a snorkeler that he doesn’t already own?

Well, aside from a trip around the world, a brand new snorkel set would be just fine.

But if you can’t decide which ones to buy, then we’re here to help you narrow down your options. This gift guide showcases 3 of the best snorkel gear to highly consider buying.

 High Quality Snorkel Gear Set

You can give as many snorkel sets to a snorkeler, and he will greet you every time with a smile on his face. This just goes to show that one can never have enough snorkeling sets.

Check your local diving shop which brands are available or ask the shop owner if he has any recommendations. You can even order one from Amazon or any online dive stores. We highly recommend the Phantom set. Considering all the positive reviews it has, we can say that it has the best value based on its price.

Some reviewers say that the fins can often be uncomfortable, but a lot are surprised of its quality considering the price they paid. Just something you should note is that there are sometimes inserts in the fins that ought to be removed, so if the user feels any discomfort, you should keep this in mind.

A Snorkel Camera

Snorkeler or not, everyone wants a waterproof camera. Any snorkeler will go nuts if you give him the new GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition (I know I will). Don’t even feel guilty if you feel like keeping it for yourself, no one’s going to tell on you.

This small camera, with a built-in screen, allows you to capture photos, videos and all those precious underwater moments. It also has a built-in Wifi and Bluetooth for easier file transfer and upload.

So far, GoPro is the leading camera brand best suited for underwater activities.

Get yourself a new GoPro camera here.


When we’re going to the beach, applying lotion or sunscreen should be enough. But if you’re going to be in and out of the water for several times, then getting a rashguard is highly recommended. Not only will it protect you from jellyfish stings, it will also keep you warm while swimming in deep sea.

There are a lot of good rashguards out there, with different styles, colors and lengths.

If it’s summertime, it is best to buy a long-sleeve wetsuit. After all, the main purpose of using a rashguard is for us to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Try out this O’neill Basic Skins rashguard. Aside from great quality, it also feels comfortable with the skin, none of that itchy feeling we usually get from wearing leotards.

If you’re not the type who likes skin-fitting clothes, then why not try a loosely fit wetsuit? These, however, tend to roll up and may lead to sunburns, so make sure to apply extra sunscreen.

For cooler weather, you should equip yourself with warmer neoprene suits. These are 1mm thin wetsuits commonly used for snorkeling. Neoprene, though, does not dry as easily as the typical rashguard fabric and they are also not as stretchable.

Final Advice

Before buying any of these gift ideas, consider your budget and the preference of the person that you’re giving to. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the more expensive ones either, after all, it’s the thought that really counts.. not the price!