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Cayo Diablo Dive with Sea Ventures and a Light Barter!

This was a great experience with a local group dive back in one of my early starting dives back in 2015.. Mariana, Angel, Sabino..and all the great people we get to meet across our Isla del Encanto in a sport many of us identify and live on-going therapeutic adventures! Oh the chills. Ey! Sea Ventures, [&hellip


What is the Best Scuba Diving Gear to Own?

What is the Best Scuba Diving Gear to Own? What a question, right?! Surely a simple edifying point with great starting basics answered below. Starting facts being, when you’re in training, your school or instructor will most likely provide your gear for you. But once you’re certified, you are then given access to purchase advanced diving [&hellip


PADI vs NAUI vs SSI Diving Certification – Which One?

PADI vs NAUI vs SSI Diving Certification – Which One Should I Choose? It really is a simple question right? PADI, NAUI or SSI – I honestly don’t understand what’s up with divers and acronyms, but don’t we all just dig it, right? These three are just some of the largest diving agencies in the world. [&hellip


How to Become a Scuba Diver in 2017!

There’s an entirely different world underneath us, one that only a few has ever had the chance to explore. The mystery and beauty of the ocean is beyond human imagination, inviting both sealovers and scientists to go beyond its surface. Thus, more and more people are discovering the benefits and adventure of scuba diving. SCUBA [&hellip


Top 3 Best Snorkeling Gear To Own (May Surprise You!)

What gift can you give a snorkeler that he doesn’t already own? Well, aside from a trip around the world, a brand new snorkel set would be just fine. But if you can’t decide which ones to buy, then we’re here to help you narrow down your options. This gift guide showcases 3 of the [&hellip


3 Best Places to Scuba Dive That You’ll Love!

3 Diving Destinations All Diving Junkies Would Love Visiting! With a jungle of skyscrapers and busy streets, I know you’re craving for the adventure and thrill that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, they aren’t that accessible. You see, the best kind of treasure isn’t easily found on the side of the road. They are hidden [&hellip


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