About Us - Cayo DiabloWhy CayoDiablo.Com and how can it help you and yours enjoy your Caribbean experience even more?

CayoDiablo.com was created to inform those of us interested in scuba diving, snorkeling and those into free diving explore the beauty in “Cayo Diablo” island just a few short miles away from Puerto Rico and the epic sea lifeĀ around the Caribbean oceans.

In my blog you’ll read multiple blog post on topics like;

  • Best practice to scuba dive when visiting the Caribbean
  • Where is Cayo Diablo located and what to bring along with you
  • How to become a safe scuba diver not only in the Caribbean, but a certified diver that get scuba dive worldwide with just a recreational license

Enjoy the content and substance in our blog! Surely let us know about your thoughts and any questions you may have if you’re intending to scuba dive, snorkel, dive or even visit near-by islands in Cayo Diablo, Puerto Rico orĀ other adjacent scuba diving gems near the Caribbean.