best places to scuba dive3 Diving Destinations All Diving Junkies Would Love Visiting!

With a jungle of skyscrapers and busy streets, I know you’re craving for the adventure and thrill that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, they aren’t that accessible. You see, the best kind of treasure isn’t easily found on the side of the road. They are hidden gems scattered all over the world, and it’s your job to seek them.

Of course, you can’t just always follow your gut, you’ll end up spending most of your savings. That’s why we’ve narrowed down your bucket list to top 3 of the best diving destinations for diving junkies like you and me.

Let us know your favorite and which ones are you planning to visit.

Great Blue Hole in Belize

While people are still debating whether this is the best diving spot in Belize, the Great Blue Hole is undeniably one of the best destinations in the world. The view alone is breathtaking, and the 125ft dive will tell you the geographical story of the place. As you enter 50ft into the dive, you’ll experience the gradual transition from salt to fresh water.

It will remind you of the life that once occupied this spot during its days above waters. You can also see the beauty of the stalagmites formed from ancient caverns, along with some sharks that guards the remnants of this place.

Yet despite the raw beauty of this location, some still say that it’s not as magical as Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It will all depend on how you perceive the beauty of diving. If you enjoy looking at live animals and other sea creatures, then you will have a hard time appreciating the Great Blue Hole. But if you love to see the world for what it is and what it was, then you won’t need the magic and movement of wildlife to understand the beauty deep underneath this shimmering blue hole.

The Yongala in Australia

While the Great Blue Hole in Belize showcases pure historical and geographical formations, this diving destination in Australia offers a combination of wildlife and history.

The Yongala is a result of a shipwreck during a cyclone in 1911. It led to the death of 122 people, including a racehorse named Moonshine and a Lincolnshire bull. Despite the tragic event, the wreck is now filled with all kinds of marine life including manta rays, sea snakes, turtles, tiger sharks and vibrant-colored corals.

Manta Ray Night Dive in Hawaii

This unique diving spot can be specifically found in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Once you are at the location, you’ll be required to bring somewhat an underwater torch. This light will then attract a massive number of silver planktons. After a while, the manta rays will slowly appear to feed on these planktons. You will witness a graceful and colorful performance brought by the gentle rays surrounding beams of light. It’s truly nothing short of magical.

These diving destinations may sound fun and exciting, but they also carry with them a certain amount of risk. Always be prepared for what awaits, and remember to DIVE SAFELY!